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It used to take three hours to book air cargo. Now, it takes us five minutes.

Air Export/Import Coordinator MC Trinter

WebCargo AcceleRate: Fercam Case Study

Unlike other divisions at Fercam that predominantly use internal fleets, the Air & Ocean Division depends on numerous carriers, each with multiple tariffs and surcharges, and each constantly changing. This made it incredible challenging to ensure that current rates and historical freight pricing are always available.

Because Fercam generates so many freight quotes every day, the process needed to be streamlined – simple, accurate, and veloce (Italian for fast). The key to speed? Avoiding relying on other departments or people for quote input, and passing the quote on to customers in a timely manner.

Meet Fercam

Fercam is one of Italy’s largest freight forwarders, with over 65 years of company history. Starting as a local hauler, Fercam now has 45 branches across Italy, 21 across the rest of Europe and two in North Africa. There are more than 2,800 vehicles in its fleet, and it’s workforce numbers 1,550 employees.

This is where Luca, from the Air & Ocean’s Research and Development team came in. Luca spearheaded the use of Freightos, acting as the business lead for the rollout to the pricing and sales teams.

We asked Luca how WebCargo AcceleRate helps Fercam.
His answer?
Speed, better quoting and business intelligence.

AcceleRate makes freight rate management easy, keeping rates updated and enabling easy quote creation. AcceleRate also helps get the quote to the customer faster, letting the customer respond online. Combined, that means higher win rates.

Better Organizational Visibility
Having all freight rates in a centralized location reduces re-work and errors. Better still, it opens up the opportunity for agents and even customers to generate their own quotes online, self-service style. Making it easier to work with good agents is good business for both parties!

The Business Intelligence dashboard provides new insights for better productivity and profitability. For example, Fercam can now accurately measure win rates, get a better understanding of sales force productivity and can better determine which agents to build stronger relations with.

How is this driving productivity?

Spot Quotes
Spot quotes comprise about 70% of business. They used to take up to five minutes per quote, but now they all take about one minute. For each salesperson, this has freed up about a full extra hour a day to sell!

Door to Door Quotes
Spot quotes comprise about 15% of business. Agents will soon have access to AcceleRate. Once this happens, door to door quotes, which currently take anything up to 2 days, will also drop down to only one minute.

Any other benefits?
Freight Rate Management
Fercam quickly learned how to convert rates to the AcceleRate format, rapidly tagging various carrier formats for seamless upload without converting formats. Internal rate conversion lowered the cost of bringing their freight operations online, making AcceleRate even better value for money.

Customers love AcceleRate too. Some are even taking up the opportunity to simplify booking by either responding to a quote email (quote included as a PDF) or simply clicking on a link in the email to respond directly in AcceleRate. This cuts out some of the paper trail, and reduces the customer’s document storage requirements.

“Imagine a unique tool for generating quotes in seconds, giving you the possibility to analyze in depth customers, offices performances allowing you to take strategic decisions fast. Imagine a network where agents share local charges and being able to quote door to door without having to wait for agents response. All this is WebCargo AcceleRate.”

WebCargo AcceleRate: Your Multimodal Rate Management Platform

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