90% of everything we eat, wear or use is shipped…

But freight is stuck in the ’90s. The Freightos Marketplace and freight rate management platform are game-changers.

And we’re always looking for passionate team players to help us.

Sales Development Representative

Barcelona, Spain · Intermediate

About The Position

As WebCargo scales the world’s largest global cargo booking platform, it’s time to bring in the heavy 

We have a lot of people are already coming to us from companies of all shapes and sizes. We also have a lot more prospects who are somewhere out there...and don’t know how much better we can make their freight live. 

So we’re looking for an incredible sales development representative who can help qualify and nurture inbound leads, identify outbound opportunities, and get them ready for the slam dunk from our sales team. On the inbound side, you’ll have a steady stream of leads, detailed information on how they came to us, and insight on how to help them advance. Following a tried and true system, you’ll nurture, qualify, and assign leads, while keeping our CRM nice and clean. 

On the outbound side, where your shark side gets to play, you’ll use advanced marketing strategies, including social media prospecting and outbound calling, to help prospect, identify, and reach out to accounts so our closers to close and we can all focus on partying.. Our ideal applicant has a bachelor’s degree in a business or marketing-related field, but we will consider sufficient sales experience, drive, and know-how too. We will obviously provide on-the-job training in our sales and marketing strategies and products.


  • Make it rain….for people that don’t know the joys of WebCargo yet. You’ll Identify prospects, contact, and nurture outbound prospects through social media marketing, emails, and phone calls
  • Once they’re intrigued, you’ll set those qualified leads up to get locked down with our sales closers. Result? Happiness. And revenue. Both are nice.
  • It’s even nicer when they come to us. You’ll tap into our industry presence and extensive research (one of the largest digital freight technology libraries ever) to qualify and assign inbound leads, nurturing when necessary in order to help get them sales ready
  • Both inbound and outbound leads rely on us bringing the goods. You’ll live and breath customer needs so you know how our products helps make them move goods around the world...and helps them have a little more time for beer at the end of the day.
  • If sales are our finish lines, our sneakers is our CRM. As the tool that we depend on to make it rain, you’ll keep our CRM squeaky updated with vigilant qualification and assignment of leads, based on geographies, products, and user types


  • Native (or near-native) English. No need for Shaespearen English - it doth not come up frequently in our freight calls. 
  • Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills
  • Strong cold call capabilities. Like, super strong. You feed on cold calls like a cat on that sandwich I left out on my porch table.
  • Computer proficiency and familiarity with social media. #SDRLife
  • Strong customer service orientation and time management skills

Preferred qualifications:

  • Proven experience on SDR, prospecting, and sales (Preferred)
  • Experience with SaaS and CRM software (preferred)
  • Bachelor’s degree in a business-related field (preferred)

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