90% of everything we eat, wear or use is shipped…

But freight is stuck in the ’90s. The Freightos Marketplace and freight rate management platform are game-changers.

And we’re always looking for passionate team players to help us.


Data Analyst

Ramallah, Palestine · Full-time

About The Position

Have you ever checked the price of something before you bought it? Yep, thought so. Well, for millions of organizations (literally!) around the world, getting a read on global freight prices is way, way harder than checking Amazon.

International freight moves the world in a way that most people never think about but unless you’re living in a rural hunter-gatherer society 2,300 years ago, almost every single thing you own is dependent on international air and ocean freight working. And in order for it to work well, the companies that ship need to be able to understand exactly how much it costs on a day to day basis.

Which is where the Freightos Baltic Index comes in. The Freightos Baltic Index (FBX), is the world's premier ocean container price index, offering unparalleled insights into freight rates across major shipping lanes. It’s been cited in the New York Times, Washington Post, The Information, CNBC, FOX, the Guardian and, more importantly, is used by the people who run global freight at tens of thousands of companies worldwide. 

And for it to work, the numbers have to add up. In other words, enough about us, let’s talk about you.

Sure, we can call it a data analyst but it’s so much more. You’ll be at the beating heart of steering the global freight industry accurately, making sure that our methodologies, calculations and data collection are top notch before we ship them (see what we did there?). In other words, you’re more of a data superhero (Algorithm Avenger? Data Dynamo?), making sure everything just ticks. And we know what you’re thinking - no, the role doesn’t come with a cape and a mask… but you can wear one if you like. This role combines the precision of data engineering with data analysis and the magic of comprehensive documentation (two words that everyone loves!), ensuring the FBX remains the gold standard in freight rate benchmarks.


  • You’ll make sure that the bytes behind the container boxes are shipshape, leading the collection, validation, and analysis of data behind global shipping rates.
  • Large organizations can ship well over half a million containers a year. So one decimal in the wrong place is kinda a big deal. You’ll help make sure that doesn’t happen, implementing QA protocols to ensure accuracy, integrity and general awesomeness of our indexes and other data products.
  • Spidey senses are good to nail down villains. You’ll rely on more conventional (and slightly more realistic) methods to ensure anomaly detection, data validation, and correction.
  • You’ll work together with our Benchmark Administrator (see, capital letters so you know it’s important) to ensure full compliance with global regulatory standards. That’s what separates the FBX from your first cousin’s best friend’s homemade ocean freight index.
  • If a tree falls in a forest without proper record keeping, did it really fall? We don’t know, but we do know that you’ll ensure proper backups and record keeping to pass internal and external audits.
  • The iPhone has evolved. And so does the FBX. You’ll document and manage changes to the calculation methodology, ensuring transparency and stakeholder buy-in.
  • Oh, and one last one - you’ll create comprehensive documentation on methodologies, changes, and insights derived from the FBX data. 


Basic Requirements

  • 3+ years of experience in data engineering and data analysis (or, as you probably know, SELECT * FROM candidates WHERE career_start_date < DATEADD(year, -3, GETDATE());
  • Degree in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, or a related field. Sorry, Scarf Knitting doesn’t work.
  • Strong proficiency in SQL and Python programming experience.
  • Experience with ETL and data orchestration tools like Airflow. Actual music orchestra experience is cool too but totally unrelated.
  • Understanding of RESTful APIs.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

Preferred Requirements

  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  • Knowledge of statistical analysis, regression models, and forecasting techniques.
  • Experience with regulatory compliance and standards, particularly in benchmark administration or financial indices, is highly desirable. Very highly desirable.
  • Familiarity with data visualization tools (e.g., Tableau, Power BI) and big data technologies (e.g. Hadoop, Spark).
  • Experience with logistics is nice. Hey, a company can dream, right?

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