90% of everything we eat, wear or use is shipped…

But freight is stuck in the ’90s. The Freightos Marketplace and freight rate management platform are game-changers.

And we’re always looking for passionate team players to help us.

Product Manager

Ramallah, Palestine

About The Position

WebCargo digitizes global freight sales for over 2,000 of the world’s largest logistics providers and carriers. Or, in plain English, we help move the world, offering incredible technology that powers almost a third of the global air cargo market.

We’re not alone either. WebCargo is a proud part of the Freightos Group,, a logistics technology company that’s raised nearly $100 million from investors like GE Ventures, the Singapore Exchange and Aleph, and have gotten the BBC, TechCrunch, and the Wall Street Journal excited about freight.

No disrespect to Da Vinci, but anyone can paint a picture of a smiling woman. We’re looking for a Product Manager who can bring a solution to life that makes it easier to move pictures (or bananas, Twix bars, or cellphones) around the world. Sorry, Leonardo. Instead of chilling with a paint brush, our product manager will work together with customers to identify their needs (or as Ginger Spice would say it, what they want, what they really really want), articulate what success looks like for a product, and rally a team of engineers, QA specialists, designers and business stakeholders to turn that vision into a reality. 

Not exactly a picture of Mona Lisa...but definitely a picture of freight perfection. 

Since this is about changing an industry, we are on the hunt for an entrepreneurial product manager who not only knows how to develop great products (which is important too) but also understands how to introduce technology and products to successfully change how an industry works.

Role Expectations: 

  • Produce perfect and practical products punctually, across the product life cycle (research, competitive analysis, planning, coffee break, roadmap development, requirements development, coffee, product launch, and confetti).
  • Transfer product strategies into detailed product requirements for prototype construction, feedback that makes it soooo much better, and final product development by engineering teams
  • Collaborate closely with engineering, marketing, and sales teams on the development, QA, and release of products. Not to give away who helped write this job description but you’ll either love or hate collaborating with the marketing team.
  • Make sure it all goes according to plan (cause it never does for James Bond villains). You’ll drive the product and business-planning process across cross-functional teams of the company
  • Collect and analyze customer needs to come up with creative optimum solutions.
  • Track and analyze competition and market trends. Not to copy them; to out-innovate them so much, they cry a little and then send you an email saying that you are the bomb-diggity.
  • Analyze product requirements and develop exhilarating Product Requirements Document.
  • Craft product roadmaps that align with the company's overall plans and goals.
  • Define KPIs and targets that guide the product and the other teams towards success.


Basic Qualifications:

  • Detail oriented with a curious eye, a drive for problem solving, and a love for coffee. And, not to get greedy, but analytical skills are a big deal too.
  • This isn’t exactly an Alexa app. You’ll need visual communication skills (Prototyping and mockups creation)
  • You’ve done this before. Really well - for at least three years, with previous project management experience and an understanding of how to manage product development within a tightly defined project approach.
  • Team player and ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority (ie, you can make things happen).
  • You love change and working in a fast paced growth environment keeps you excited.
  • If you can’t talk about it, no one will ever know your brilliant idea. Communication matters. You should be able to communicate like Dr Doolittle, and listen like Buddha.
  • Excellent English: The position demands written documentation to be shared with WebCargo teams and customers. We don’t all love English but if it works for Chuck Norris, it works for us.
  • Independent, problem solver with can do attitude.
  • Experience working with remote teams.

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering or any other related fields. 
  • Product experience in B2B SaaS. 
  • Freight experience, preferably in the operational/booking space.

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