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It used to take three hours to book air cargo. Now, it takes us five minutes.

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Digitization Leveling the Playing Field – El Al’s Journey

In September 2021, El Al Cargo joined WebCargo, providing 3,500+ forwarders with access to real-time El Al air cargo rates, actual capacity, and instant eBooking. We asked Eli Mizrahi, Commercial Sales and Service Manager at El Al Cargo, to reflect on the process and results.

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Eli Mizrahi
Commercial Sales &
Services Manager,
El Al Cargo

Technology Closing Gaps and Opening Doors for All: The El Al Cargo Approach

Digital sales enable a central part of air cargo to keep moving regardless of customer and carrier location, which proved crucial during this past year’s unprecedented cargo volatility – and only continues to show value now.

At El Al, we strongly believe that as a midsize carrier, technology such as this is key to closing the potential gap in provision of service created by the resources larger players may have at their disposal, especially when overcoming the hurdles presented by unexpected market volatility.


Joining an eBooking platform not only prompted us to sharpen our understanding of El Al’s position in the marketplace, but also meant improving the speed and efficiency of our pricing decisions. Our desire to realize these multifaceted benefits of eBooking meant that it was no longer business as usual – we had to communicate these benefits, including instant digital pricing and booking, to encourage adoption of the digital platform by our agents and customers.

Bigger Reach, Better Prospects

Extending our reach through digital channels also optimizes our ability to compete with other, larger, carriers on the lanes we serve. The compelling reach digitization of our operations has delivered, means we’re now able to effortlessly serve our existing customers, while extending our services to new customers, who may previously have been impossible to reach. Through online sales we have been able to increase our number of bookings and our win rate.

Expanding our reach to more international agents, and making our connections with local agents more efficient through digital platforms, is one important piece of our strategy in matching larger carriers by providing a wider, yet more streamlined service with a seamless customer-service experience.

Summing It Up: The WebCargo Perspective

Digitization is a top priority for EL Al Cargo, enabling them to offer freight solutions for all types of customers and freight. Through its roll-out on WebCargo, El Al Cargo provides its customers with instant access to capacity, pricing, and booking across its expansive network covering the United States, Europe, and Asia, cementing El Al Cargo’s position as a key carrier in the Middle East.