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It's helping them to reduce the tedious work and...digitalization helps them. It saved them 95% of their time...As soon as they went into WebCargo, they knew it was the future.
Osmannuri Ustabas
Cargo Business Development & Innovation

"A solution partner since day one": WebCargo X Turkish Cargo

Osmannuri Ustabas, Cargo Business Development & Innovation Manager at Turkish Cargo, talks everything digitzation with WebCargo, how this provided increased transparency, opened new avenues to understand their market and more.


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 You tell people to change the way of their doing business for past maybe 20 years.
So you just bring something new and you say okay from now on we are going to work like this.
Forget about whatever you have done before. So it’s obviously we also had some resistance.
But luckily it was not a massive resistance because you know it was good for them obviously
because it’s just helping them to reduce their tedious work and also it’s good for our customers as well.
That’s why all of our business units, our sales force and also our customers knew that it was valuable
And that was the future, so they all believed in it.


They also know that it’s going to help them; this digitalization helped them.
So they relieved them from the tedious work.


It saved them like 95%, 90% of their time.
So that’s very valuable. That’s why as soon as they went into this digital marketplace,
into WebCargo, they knew that it was the future, and it was very valuable for them.


And also it’s not just we always think about this as a data.
So we say, okay, it was like, I don’t know, 100 seconds.
It’s not that obviously.
It reduced to five seconds, but it’s not just that.
Because, you know, when you exchange emails, it’s also always on your mind
while you are waiting the response.
So the other work you do, that’s also affected by that time.
So you just eliminate it.


And then they can move on to more strategic thinking, and they can try to improve your relation
with your customers, which is also a never-ending journey.


Especially for customers, it brought transparency and also
speed, as I mentioned.


Everybody is collecting data.
And we all say data is a new oil.
But do we really use it?
Do we really make good use of it?
So this Webcargo and the partnership
we had are helping us to gather the data first,
understand from the data and then hopefully once we have more data we will be able to
turn it into action.


It has expanded the market share but you know before we joined WebCargo I
always thought one of the best advantages is going to reach out to new customers and that’s
and the numbers we have seen is much larger than what we thought before we joined WebCargo so that’s
That’s a good surprise.


But we never saw WebCargo as a solution provider, rather a solution partner.
So since day one, we sit together.
We had too many challenges.
Because we have one of the largest networks and we have too many stations, too many rollouts
we made together.
And how we work in Japan is much, much different than how we work in the United States.
And it is the same for digitalization and the sort of projects as well.
And since day one, we work together and whatever issue we had, we sit together and we try to
find a solution together and they have been super helpful and we are really happy to work
with WebCargo.

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