Website: https://logistaas.com/

  • Meet Logistaas
  • Based in: Amman, Jordan and Manchester, UK
  • Product: WebCargo Book
It sets us apart from TMSs that do not have any integration. Those using our system will be faster, more competitive, and they will be able to offer more competitive rates.
Kareem Naouri
CEO and Founder

Kareem Naouri, CEO and Founder of Logistaas, lays out the value of integrating with leading booking platforms like WebCargo. Watch his insighful interview for more on how to:

– Focus on what you do best: being a top-notch TMS
– Leverage the most expansive coverage and competitive rates without the hassle
– Seamlessly integrate with WebCargo for unbeatable pricing and efficiency


“Integration [with WebCargo] is a no brainer. It’s a very natural step. No matter how much I try, I’ll never be able to have a better solution than what you guys are offering.”