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  • Product: WebCargo Air
We can show customers accurate information with regard to pricing, available flights, space ...one API connection... Digitization has greatly improved the efficiency of the operations team. They can now do more with less.
Charles Marrale
CEO and Founder

Charles Marrale, CEO of ExFreight, talks giving customers more with API eBooking integrations

Watch the video to see how:
– Forward-thinking forwarders instantly access and manage airline rates through APIs
– Why APIs enable operations teams to slash quoting times by 20x
– How API integrations allow forwarders to price, conduct air cargo bookings and manage shipments end-to-end
– How API capabilities also generate data that contribute to improved business intelligence

“They can do more with less”

By obtaining rate and capacity information via APIs alongside a good rate management system, forwarders quickly generate detailed, comprehensive customer quotes from multiple pricing sources and modes, delivering an exceptional customer experience.

…and the best part? Forwarders can now leverage APIs that connect to another system eg. a TMS or another customer portal

These APIs allow forwarders to connect their rate management systems to their TMSs or their rate management systems to their sales portals, all still with API access to rates from the over 50% of global air cargo capacity available online. 

See how the most innovative freight leaders leverage WebCargo’s TMS API integrations to digitize cargo bookings.