Supply chain volatility during the pandemic accelerated the push among enterprise shippers to double down on more procurement control, both in terms of visibility and flexibility.

In this report, based on a survey of dozens of BCOs and on a review of trends in air carrier digitization, we explore how important air cargo flexibility and control are becoming to BCOs, how these are often difficult to come by, but also how advances in air cargo digitization are already introducing more speed and efficiency to air cargo procurement.

Topics covered in the report include:

  • How logistics are becoming more of an enterprise focus, and how BCOs want a granularity in freight decisions that is often difficult to achieve.
  • How advances in air carrier digitization are improving connectivity between carriers and forwarders, and present new opportunities that can extend that efficiency to BCOs.
  • How some leading BCOs are already leveraging digital solutions for logistics procurement, and enjoying the positive impacts.

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