See how 2023’s freight rate management, quoting, and booking tech stacks are adapting to pervasive industry trends. In this webinar Freightos Group’s Chief Product Officer, Ruthie Amaru, and Wayne Tyndall, WebCargo’s enterprise sales director discuss:

  • Three critical industry shifts shaping freight procurement and sales and logistics providers
  • How freight rate management platforms are evolving to service changing customer needs and internal efficiency drivers
  • Key features and functionalities to add to your RFP list
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should join this webinar?

This webinar is ideal for sales, operations or technology professionals at small and enterprise freight forwarders. It will provide a forward-looking map of how the industry is evolving and what key features are – in our opinion – emerging as more critical to support.

What are the insights based on?

The webinar is based on internal research we’ve conducted in order to plan our long-term product roadmap. It also leverages extensive research that the Freightos Group has conducted and published, including our survey of enterprise importer/exporter sourcing habits, internal efficiency drivers, our annual mystery shopping survey, our annual carrier digitization survey, research on how rate management systems are changing and more.

How much does it cost to attend the webinar?

Like most of the Freightos Group’s research, this webinar is provided free of charge.