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The free WebCargo monthly Digital Air Cargo report takes a hard look at digital eBookings within the air cargo industry, touching on:

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Percentage of Capacity Digitized

In many industries live capacity connectivity represents the tipping point for rampant digitization, with standardization and unified access enabling more efficient activities.

This metric measures the percentage of Freight and Mail Tonne-Kilometres flown (FTKs), both global and domestic, currently available for live pricing and eBooking on third-party platforms.

eBooking Acceptance Rate

While APIs aim to provide on-demand services that are dependable, the air cargo industry is still a complex one with some hurdles to full automation. As a result, airline eBooking acceptance of requests rarely reaches 100%. While there is a high degree of variance across individual airlines, rejections have peaked during crises at 30% but since fallen to a far more acceptable number of under 2%.This has strong variance; the best of breed digital airlines never reject an eBooking.