Fast, free, API-based European standard compliant air freight CO2 emissions calculator, available for freight forwarders everywhere


Why Use The Air Freight Carbon Footprint Calculator


Forwarders and shippers are rapidly becoming accustomed to having key information at their fingertips. We’re doing our part by providing this European standard EN 16258 methodology compliant air freight carbon footprint calculator for freight forwarders to use. Carbon emissions calculations mean improved selection – in advance – with the potential to reduce many tonnes of carbon emissions every day. What you see above is no picture – it is a functional air freight carbon footprint calculator you can use to see a shipment’s environmental impact. 

Just like hybrid cars “gamify” the driving process for drivers by providing feedback to influence driving decisions, WebCargo is giving logistics decision makers unprecedented feedback and visibility into their supply chain environmental impact, driving tangible results down the line. This takes things beyond simply reporting on emissions – which is increasingly mandated by governments – and into proactive control over emissions. The more decision makers are aware of the environmental impact of their decisions, the more those impacts can begin to be a part of their decisions. Smarter decisions, one at a time, and time after time leads to lesser emissions – and greater environmental awareness.

Our air freight co2 emissions calculator and API enable real-time reporting on key metrics required by the relevant standards:

  • Four estimated values, two of emissions and two of energy consumption
    • Ew: Well-to-wheels energy consumption in MegaJoule (MJ)
    • Gw: Well-to-wheels GHG emissions in kilograms of CO2 equivalent (kgCO2e)
    • Et: Tank-to-wheels energy consumption in MegaJoule (MJ)
    • Gt: Tank-to-wheels GHG emissions in kilograms of CO2 equivalent (kgCO2e)
  • Breakdown of the four estimates per each leg
  • Short declaration in accordance with section 10.2 of the standard
  • Full Declaration as an HTML page in accordance with section 10 of the standard including:
    • Headings
    • The above four values
    • Assumptions in an HTML table
    • Calculation steps in an HTML table

Beyond providing free carbon emission reporting, we’ve integrated accurate and standard-compliant carbon footprint reporting into every search on WebCargo. This provides transparent reporting on carbon emissions for the tens of thousands of shipments that are booked on the platform every month (accounting for more than 10% of all air cargo shipments in some countries!) in advance, before they are booked. 

Come see what combining integrated carbon reporting together with in-line capacity, pricing, and transit time can do for you. Sign up for a WebCargo account today – it’s free!