Helping airlines unlock their true potential.

Over 35 airlines, big and small, rely on WebCargo for seamless rate distribution and management, instant eBookings, dynamic pricing, payments and more, across 10K+ freight forwarding offices.

eBooking has reduced our time required for bookings by 90%....freeing our sales teams to focus on value-added tasks, which further improves the customer experience.”

Osman Ustabas, BD and Transformation Manager

Powering hundreds of thousands of instant bookings from outstanding forwarders like:

More sales, less time.

Using WebCargo, airlines can scale low-touch rate distribution and sales across the largest aggregation of forwarders. The result is minimum-effort sales through the same platform that connects thousands of forwarders to carrier pricing and bookable capacity.

“Digital sales helped us grow our shop window by enabling many smaller forwarders to discover and access our services for the first time, and in an always-on, low touch way.”

Peter Roberts, Head of Distribution

Live rates and bookable capacity with WebCargo's live price comparison tool

Market intelligence made actionable

Seamlessly optimize revenue with real-time information on key performance metrics using WebCargo's Airline Dashboard. Discover never-seen-before industry-level data and easily implement changes to improve your key performance indicators.

The new data that becomes available through digital sales is highly appreciated because it gives us the ability to really steer, navigate and test in new ways.”

Toke Hoegild, Head of Commercial Executive Management

Key performance indicators with the airline dashboard

Search. Book. Pay.

Improve collection from all customers - or even unlock access to new customers - with WebCargo's unique payment solutions. Combining real-time bookings and payments in one platform means easier reconciliation across a dramatically larger addressable audience.

By unifying payments with bookings, we can provide more effective and efficient service to a growing base of customers worldwide, safely and securely.

Guillaume Halleux, Chief Cargo Officer

Efficiency through integrations

Airline-friendly features like support for allotments, CO2 calculations, eAWBs, TMS integration and tracking make it easy to see why forwarders come back again and again....and why airlines are there to meet them.

Real time access to prices and capacity is a game changer. Through eBookings, customers are receiving faster responses and more real time information, whilst our station staff are able to better service customer needs.

Matthew Scott, VP Pricing, Partnerships and Digitalisation


Tap into an incredibly skilled team with deep expertise in business transformation, building on over a decade of connecting airlines and logistics companies.

With eBookings, we’re seeing better resource utilization, data accuracy and business growth.

Roger Samways, VP, Commercial

Freightos Air Index graph example

Vision to Reality: Airline Digital Cargo Adoption Case Study

Read our in-depth analysis of the value realized by over 10 airlines after adopting Digital Air Cargo.


Digitalization and Customer Service

As international freight get digitalized, the nature of the shipper/forwarder relationship changes as well. This survey across 70 logistics professionals shows exactly how it's changing.


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