WebCargo's Data Security & Privacy Promise

Your trust is incredibly important to us. We make sure that we earn it.

Data is the most critical aspect of your business today. I’m deeply honored that thousands of top logistics and supply chain companies use Freightos’ technology solutions to manage their business-critical information. We never forget that your data is your data and we are custodians trusted to keep that data absolutely safe, private and secure.

From the top-down, I ensure that Freightos takes the most serious measures to live up to these expectations, enforcing data security and confidentiality measures across our business units – Freightos AcceleRate, Freightos WebCargo, our online marketplace, and other services.

You may have noticed that Freightos displays some public data, like on the Freightos marketplace or the pricing indexes we publish. We all know that our world and our industry are gradually becoming more transparent. And yet we never confuse private data and public data. When we publish prices on the Freightos marketplace it is only ever at the explicit request of the data owners. When we produce indexes it is only using data where the data owners have consented to our use of anonymous statistics.

Your private data will never be shared with our other customers, and will never be shared with Freightos’ own directors, investors or shareholders. Our shareholders get information about our business performance. Your data is absolutely none of their business. We know that if we were to ever leak your data to other customers, investors/shareholders, or competitors we would lose the trust of all our customers, so we have a strong interest to make sure that will never happen.

I’ve answered some frequent data and privacy questions below and your account representatives can always help you with any additional questions.

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Thank you for trusting Freightos.

We’re excited to modernize the international freight industry together with you.

Zvi Schreiber


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Transparency and Privacy Coexist?
Is storing data in the cloud safe?
Do you share my data with investors, board members, or other companies?
What is the Freightos Baltic Index (FBX)?
I’ve heard from [Competitor] that you’re sharing my data without my permission. Is that true?

How Can Transparency and Privacy Coexist?

We make no secret of the fact that we believe that our industry is trending towards transparency. More information means better decision-making, more efficient operations, and, ultimately, a better freight experience. Not only do shippers benefit from transparency, so do the more efficient logistics service providers whose strengths become more apparent.

But we take steps towards transparency together with you.

Your business data is always securely stored and is only available to your own employees based on the access permissions you configure. The only exception is data that you intentionally and explicitly instruct us to share with others.

Our standard contract allows us to use anonymized statistical aggregates of customer data to help provide more industry visibility (in rare cases exceptions to this are negotiated with certain customers and these are always honored). One prime example is the Freightos Baltic Index (more on this below).  This is an average produced from millions of anonymized data points from dozens of customers who have provided consent. We share the methodology for producing FBX publically. As you can see yourself, no one can ever discern any specific company’s prices from the FBX so our customer data remains secure.

Is storing data in the cloud safe?

Cloud data centers provide the highest security available. The level of security that large 24×7 expert security teams at Google or Amazon can provide is far superior to your in-house IT capabilities, which is why top financial, government, and retail companies rely on cloud services.

Freightos has chosen Google Cloud as our strategic partner for world-class cloud computing security. Google are compliant with key industry standards SAS 70, SSAE 16, ISAE 3402 and ISO 27001, as well as ISO 27017 (Cloud Security), ISO 27018 (Cloud Privacy), FedRAMP ATO for Google App Engine, and PCI DSS v3.2. We also use Amazon Web Services, which maintains similarly high standards.

Freightos does not compromise on Data Security, and as such has a comprehensive approach to managing and mitigating any potential risks to your data. Our approach to managing potential risk focuses on People, Process and Technology.

  • People: Freightos has an auditing system that keeps track of who has access to any permission on the Freightos systems and infrastructure. The data access is also audited and logged. Altering the data by means of running utilities or services interacting with the data is kept to an absolute minimum. Our Cloud Engineering team dedicates a team member to review our security policies and implementation.
  • Controlled Hacking: Expert white-hat ethical hackers are paid to attempt to attack our systems regularly and highlight any potential vulnerability long before a real hacker can find them.
  • Process: Freightos has implemented processes on multiple levels to ensure that Data Security is maintained without compromise. Regular internal audits are performed to ensure compliance with company security procedure, and there is a strict policy in place restricting access to all company locations, equipment and information. Of course, all of this is bound by the Freightos Master Service Agreement, which includes a clear contractual commitment on our part to safeguard your data.
  • Technology: Your data is and will always be yours. You control it via a secure, SSL-protected web dashboard and it is isolated from other customers’ data and access is always encrypted. Additionally, the Freightos System is hosted within industry-leading cloud hosts, across both Google and Amazon. We also encourage you to read more about Google Cloud security yourself so that you know that your data is in the best possible hands. Check out Google Data Center & Google Data Security for more.

Does Freightos share customer data with investors, board members, or other companies?

No. Our investors are firm believers in Freightos’ success and they’re putting their money where their mouth is. They are also smart people, who understand that Freightos’ success is contingent on us treating customer data with absolute confidentiality. Without data security and privacy, there are no customers. Without customers, our investors lose their money. It’s that simple.

Freightos investors  have access to information on how Freightos performs as a company. Your data is absolutely none of their business and Freightos customer data such as rates will not be shared with our investors.

What is the Freightos Baltic Index (FBX)?

FBX is a pricing index produced by Freightos and the Baltic Exchange as a service to the industry. It is based on aggregated, anonymized data from global freight carriers, freight forwarders, and shippers who have consented to their data being used in this way. The alternative to an accurate index like the FBX is an inaccurate, black-box index where the data sources and reliability are unknown, impacting the industry and injecting volatility. We’ve partnered with the Baltic Exchange for developing the methodology and external validation for the index to ensure that it simultaneously represents industry conditions without ever exposing any sensitive information. With a database of well over a billion price points, rest assured that any pricing data is completely and totally anonymized.

I’ve heard from a Freightos competitor that you’re sharing my data without my permission. Is that true?

Expanding quickly has annoyed Freightos’ competitors. An unfortunate byproduct is that we’ve come across multiple instances where competitors try to frighten users or prospects. We’re transparent about how we safeguard your data and how we use data; if you have any questions or concerns, asking us directly is the best way to learn. And don’t take what our competitors say about us too seriously!

If you’re looking for a short answer, it’s – no, Freightos will never share or publish any of your data without your explicit permission.