Röhlig on Redefining Logistics with APIs

March 12, 2024 15:00 CET, 0900 ET, 14:00 BST

  • Meet Conrad Franchi, Chief Digital Officer, Röhlig Logistics

Röhlig on Redefining Logistics with APIs

Join Conrad Franchi, Röhlig Logistics’ Chief Digital Officer, as he talks spearheading Röhlig’s digital revolution with WebCargo. 


Uncover how Röhlig strategically prioritizes customer needs while tapping into WebCargo’s latest APIs to redefine industry standards, revolutionizing the way shippers interact with real-time quotations and bookings.

From the remarkably smooth rollout, to meeting the demands of the fast-paced world of logistics, this is an exclusive glimpse into the strategies driving success at one of the world’s leading logistics providers, and their partnership with WebCargo.