Skyways Group and Digitizing with APIs

October 25, 2022 15:00 CET, 0900 ET, 14:00 BST

  • Meet Eytan Buchman, Chief Marketing Officer, WebCargo
  • Meet Maxine Block, Sales Executive, WebCargo

Skyways Group and Digitizing with APIs

Yashpal Sharma, Managing Director at Skyways Group, talks India’s digital cargo revolution, the role of carriers and APIs in digitizing freight, how strong leadership brings about industry change and more.

In this 25-min video, you’ll discover:
– How global forwarders are leveraging tech
– What’s unique about the Indian freight forwarding ecosystem
– Why India’s pace of digitization has undergone a revolution
– How embracing technology allows you to stay competitive in India’s crowded market
– The role of carriers, APIs, and strong leadership in digitizing freight

Yashpal is also a strong proponent of cargo booking digitization. Skyways therefore leverages WebCargo’s eBooking solutions for internal digital cargo pricing and booking across 40+ airlines.

…and his favorite part?

WebCargo is a great solution because it enables forwarders like us and many more to integrate into a readily available solution where so many different APIs are already available. I don’t need to go out there and link into every different carrier one by one, spending time, energy, money.