Real Time Market Pricing and Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Special Offers for WebCargo Forwarders, Valid Through April 15, 2024

Know and show market conditions and prove your competitive edge to your customers with global air and ocean freight market pricing and intelligence, powered by 2b+ transactional data points, event analysis, and expert insights.

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Why You Need Terminal

Optimize Carrier & Supplier Selection

Make informed decisions by leveraging Terminal to negotiate with carriers and agents with access to instant market pricing and trends.

Improve Routing Decisions

Identify best performing tradelanes and avoid worst performing tradelanes to avoid overpaying.

Quote Faster AND Smarter

Seamlessly compare prices in the market to select the optimal fit in coverage, volume, and price to quickly quote your customers on all shipments, including import and cross-trade shipments, without having to wait for offices or agents abroad to supply you with a quote.

Know Your Market

Gain access to complete market transparency with pricing and performance to track how you stack up against competition and benchmark your agents and partners.

Wow Your Customers

Impress your customers by highlighting where you can beat the market in pricing, and know where you're potentially overpaying to renegotiate with carriers or agents, with insights derived from 2 billion+ transactional data points.

Stay Up To Date

Proactively help your customers stay in the know with key event coverage of their lanes and offer solutions where supply chains may be disrupte.


VALID THROUGH April 15, 2024
Terminal helps forwarders analyze, research, and benchmark performance against the market. For a limited time, WebCargo customers can take advantage of special pricing and packages designed to provide forwarders with cutting edge freight market insights and intelligence.
Users (In countries with a Terminal license)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
FBX Weekly6 Months
(Historical data)
1 Year
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3 Years
(Historical data)
FBX Daily-1 Year
(Historical data)
3 Years
FAX Weekly6 Months
(Historical data)
1 Year
(Historical data)
2 Years
FAX Daily6 Months
(Historical data)
1 Year
(Historical data)
2 Years
My Routes6 Months
(Air pricing only)
1 Year Air + Ocean2 Years Air,
3 Years Ocean
Key Events-
Port Performance-
Announced vs Actual Transit Time-
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White label portal (Coming soon!)Sold separatelySold separatelySold separately
Price per country with at least 1 paid service (WebCargo Air / AcceleRate / 7L, etc)100 EUR / month200 EUR / month300 EUR / month