What's stopping you from selling freight online? Nothing anymore.

Your frontend customer logistics portal, connected to your backend rate management system. Give customers a better customer experience with two minute search to checkout sales, 24/7.

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Your customers are already online

Create a powerful self-service sales channel for new and existing customers

Reduce cost per interaction

Move customers online to self-service, reducing costs and back office

Boost conversion rates

by providing a better, faster, more streamlined customer experience booking cargo

Ensure data accuracy, and protect the bottom line

remove the need for manual data entry and rate calculation, with an algorithmic pricing engine used by alibaba.com and top 20 global forwarders

The 2019 State of Digital Freight

The latest installment of our mystery shopping survey across the top 20 global forwarders. 


The 4×4 Blueprint for Digital Freight 2020 [Video]

Freightos CEO and founder Zvi Schreiber outlines a 4x4 blueprint for how the logistics industry can catch-up with the digital era and evolve on its own terms.



customers with a better, streamlined customer experience


closing on bookings, avoiding phone calls and back-and-forth communication


cost per interaction for sales by moving customers online


on labor costs, by reducing time needed for sales


data accuracy, with less invoicing errors and automatic sales processes


revenues by opening a new powerful sales channel

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