Webcargo Embed

Engage your users/customers to search and book Air Freight directly from your service/TMS.

Webcargo Embed is probably the easiest and fastest way to get access to eBooking directly from your TMS/Home-grown system. There are two ways to get Webcargo Embed added to your system. The first and easiest process is by copying the embed script to your site/web app while the other requires manual setup. You can find both options listed below

1. Webcargo Embed Script

Get your API key

The first thing you need is an API Key that allows you to embed Webcargo in your system. To get your API key, head to our Developers Portal and follow the instructions there to create your account and get an API key.

Request access

Request access to this API from your newly created app. We’ll receive a notification and contact you to get the additional required information and complete the setup from our end.

Add the script to your site

Once the setup has been completed, copy the following script to your page (preferable before the closing tag of `head`) and replace the `__API_KEY__` with your actual API key

    apiKey: "__API_KEY__",
    //additional options

  (function () {
    var t=document.createElement("script");

For a list of all additional options you can set, checkout the Webcargo Embed Configurator

Launch Webcargo Embed

Call the following function to launch for a specific user by sending their email address


2. Manually setup Webcargo Embed

This method requires additional development and is explained in details here