What isn't measured doesn't change.

New developments at WebCargo in December included, Japan Airlines opening its eBooking network from Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom; JetBlue opening domestic flights from within the United States for WebCargo Pay users, and Silk Way West Airlines opening their eBooking services from Belgium. 

January’s report features Q+A with Anton Barr, VP of Market Data at Freightos, discussing how the Freightos Terminal data visibility platform is helping forwarders stay up to date on rate environments, operational updates, and transit data, and how they’re leveraging this visibility to improve decision making and contingency planning, and to help improve the customer experience they provide through faster and better-informed responses to customer inquiries.

Read the full report that includes air cargo industry digitization updates such as:

  • Percentage of air cargo capacity available for eBooking
  • Airline eBooking efficiency
  • WebCargo progress
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eBooking Report - January 2024