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It used to take three hours to book air cargo. Now, it takes us five minutes.

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How TMS Integrations Enhance eBooking Networks for Forwarders

The interview below is an excerpt from WebCargo’s Digital Air Cargo Monthly report, delivering analyses of recent trends in air cargo penetration, market intelligence, in-depth interviews with industry leaders, and more.

Ricardo Medem, CEO
Forwarder? Start booking on WebCargo today

TMS integrations are another channel expanding eBooking networks and making operations more efficient for forwarders and BCOs.

Read our exclusive interview below with Ricardo Medem, CEO of Neurored. He discusses how partnering with leading digital solutions like WebCargo increases efficiency, visibility and connectivity for freight forwarders by letting users customize their carrier connections and book directly in their platform.

Digital Air Cargo Interview with Neuroed CEO, Ricardo Medem

Can you tell us a little about Neurored?

Neurored is a TMS & SCM app native to the Salesforce Platform that helps businesses involved in global trade get unprecedented levels of efficiency, visibility, and connectivity. For a freight forwarder, third-party logistics provider, distributor, retailer, or manufacturer, Neurored is the one-stop shop for digital transformation.

How do TMS integrations, like those with WebCargo, improve operations for forwarders, BCOs and other stakeholders?

Through integrations, Neurored can offer forwarders seamless freight booking from an expanded choice of carriers across all modes for a more streamlined, efficient freight forwarding operation.  Neurored leverages access to 100+ pre-integrated carriers – via direct carrier connections or through partners like WebCargo – to simplify freight consolidation and booking by eliminating the need for multiple booking systems. Forwarders can also integrate additional carriers via API. This ensures they can always connect with their preferred carriers, enhancing flexibility, customization and their ability to deliver superior customer service.

How do customers benefit from Neurored’s integration with WebCargo?

Without an eBooking integration, businesses have to manage bookings manually offline or through many different disconnected systems. Our WebCargo integration helps our TMS source air cargo rates from 370+ airlines to get a vast array of options for freight bookings from day one of implementation.

What features are most used by forwarders when looking to book a shipment?

When looking to book a shipment, forwarders benefit from Neurored’s rates management solution and integrations with carriers for spot rates, availability, and schedules. We do these integrations directly with container lines, and for airlines, we integrate using WebCargo’s API.

What’s next for digital air cargo from Neurored’s perspective?

We’re investing heavily in demand forecasting solutions and supply chain capacity synchronization. These will greatly benefit air cargo operations for our customers.