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It used to take three hours to book air cargo. Now, it takes us five minutes.

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How WebCargo Pay Is Transforming the Freight Payment Process

The interview below is featured in WebCargo’s Digital Air Cargo Monthly report, delivering analyses of recent trends in air cargo penetration, market intelligence, in-depth interviews with industry leaders, and more.

Esen Dogan, VP Payments
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Freight and payments are foundations of global trade, but both introduce friction. Until today, forwarders booked cargo on one platform and paid on another, which is like shopping on Amazon but paying on Paypal. With WebCargo Pay, both are digitzed on a single platform, revolutionizing how forwarders and carriers interact and providing a better experience for importers and exporters.

We interviewed Esen Dogan, VP Payments at WebCargo, for a deep dive into how WebCargo’s payment solutions are setting new industry standards with a superior level of convenience, transparency, and efficency.

What is WebCargo Pay and what are the primary benefits that it offers to forwarders?

WebCargo Pay is a great addition to our eBookings service, allowing freight forwarders to effortlessly book and pay through our platform. 

Forwarders who use WebCargo Pay first and foremost enjoy the ability to book from our partner airlines without needing to have an IATA license. Secondly, it offers a range of flexible payment options, including prepaid wallet, credit lines with up to 60-day terms, and credit card payments. Third benefit is our digital experience which integrates booking and payment, provides real-time visibility into post booking adjustments and presents convenient billing and account management tools.

How does it differentiate itself from traditional payment solutions in the air cargo sector?

WebCargo Pay seamlessly combines booking and payment processes, offering forwarders a streamlined and coherent solution compared to traditional methods. This integration ensures full real-time visibility, minimizing discrepancies and disputes during invoicing—a prevalent issue within the industry.

Beyond simplifying operations, WebCargo Pay stands out for its user-friendly approach. Enrollment is quick, taking mere minutes, contrasting sharply with the lengthy onboarding procedures and costly bank guarantees often associated with conventional services. Moreover, WebCargo Pay empowers forwarders with a range of flexible payment options, including prepaid wallet, credit terms extending up to 60 days, and the convenience of credit card payments.

In essence, WebCargo Pay not only enhances efficiency but also delivers a superior level of convenience and transparency, setting a new standard in the freight industry.

In what ways does WebCargo Pay represent an innovative approach to payment solutions within the air cargo industry, and how does it address common pain points faced by forwarders and airlines?

WebCargo Pay upgrades payment solutions for both airlines and forwarders by optimizing the value proposition for each stakeholder individually, rather than seeking a common compromise.

For airlines, our primary focus is on ensuring timely, complete payments while minimizing operational complexities and costs. Our solution achieves this by offering a streamlined digital experience, providing a single connection point for management, easy reconciliation, and guaranteed payments facilitated by WebCargo. Airlines can trust that their customers are in good hands, thanks to the convenient, flexible payment options offered through WebCargo Pay.

For the forwarders, having a single payment account that can help them book and pay  across multiple airlines on their preferred terms. WebCargo’s innovative platform provides digital billing and account management capabilities that further enhances the forwarder’s experience and efficiency.

Can you elaborate on how WebCargo Pay opens up new possibilities for forwarders and airlines, in terms of flexibility and convenience?

WebCargo Pay serves as a catalyst for airline growth, providing a robust platform to expand into new market segments, such as non-IATA forwarders, and into new geographic regions with minimal investment and zero risk. By offering forwarders a more flexible and convenient payment solution, airlines also benefit from enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to improved retention and increased usage.

For non-IATA forwarders, WebCargo Pay serves as a gateway to multiple airlines, enabling direct access to competitive rates and real-time capacity. The integrated booking and payment experience streamlines operations, while diverse payment options, including credit card and net terms, unlocks further growth by addressing working capital constraints. This empowers forwarders to conduct more bookings efficiently, driving business growth and competitiveness in the market.

Could you discuss any future developments or enhancements planned for WebCargo Pay that will further benefit forwarders and airlines, and drive further innovation within the air cargo industry?

WebCargo Pay is experiencing remarkable growth, continually expanding our network across countries, airlines, and forwarders. In 2023, we celebrated significant milestones, reaching 11 countries globally and quadrupling our volumes. However, we’re not slowing down; in 2024, we have ambitious plans to further accelerate our network expansion globally.

Innovation remains at the forefront of our agenda, with several exciting new features in the pipeline aimed at enhancing user experience and broadening use cases. To name a few, we will start to enable payments regardless of the booking channel, expand our credit program with global partnerships and introduce improved commercial terms for our frequent users.