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Mastering Quoting with the Cargo Volatility Index

When markets fluctuate, so do your profit margins. Fluctuations in shipping rates directly impact your bottom line, when freight forwarders are no longer able to quote competitively, due to unpredictable rate volatility.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a tool that lets you predict whether rates will fall or rise, protect your profit margins, and quote strategically?

Enter WebCargo’s Freight Volatility Index, directly integrated into the WebCargo quoting tool. 

In this short read, you’ll discover: 

What Is the Volatility Index?

WebCargo’s Volatility Index is a game-changer for how freight forwarders quote. Born from a strategic initiative aimed at revolutionizing decision-making for freight forwarders, the Volatility Index offers unparalleled insights into rate fluctuations, drawing directly from the comprehensive data accumulated on WebCargo’s air cargo booking platform. This ensures that the predictions and insights are reflective of real-time market dynamics.

All this is designed to empower users with real-time data on dynamic rate price fluctuations, and ensures that forwarders can navigate the complexities of market shifts with confidence. With the Volatility Index integrated into WebCargo’s quoting tool, users can make informed decisions based on current market trends, letting them stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing industry landscape.


How the Freight Volatility Index Integrates with Static Rate Quoting

The Volatility Index is not displayed for static rates; however, it is visible for dynamic rates within the static rate search, allowing clients to generate blended quotes incorporating both static and dynamic rates. The Volatility Index delivers a blend of real-time and historical insights on rate volatility for dynamically generated quotes, empowering users to more accurately craft their quoting strategy, armed with the freshest data on market fluctuations. This tool ensures that decision-makers are always a step ahead, making well-informed decisions by leveraging the latest data on rate fluctuations. 


Key Features and Top Benefits of the Volatility Index with Dynamic Rate Searches

Here is a list of the key features and top benefits of the volatility index that lets forwarders make more informed quoting decisions, no matter the market: 

Key Features

  • Real-time Insights: Get instant updates on rate fluctuations, essential for dynamic search results.
  • Rate Trend: Understand the direction rates are heading.
  • Historical Trend Analysis: Dive deep into past rate trends for a clearer picture of future movements.
  • Volatility: Gauge the degree of fluctuation in the rates displayed.
  • User-friendly Integration: Seamlessly blends with the quoting tool’s dynamic searches, making it easier to use and understand.


Top Benefits

  • Sharper Decision-Making: Empower freight forwarders with crucial data for strategic booking decisions.
  • Risk Management: Understand rate volatility to better manage risks tied to fluctuating rates.
  • Strategic Planning: Improve shipment planning by analyzing rate trends to anticipate market directions.

Armed with these cutting-edge insights, forwarders can now tackle the uncertainty of rate trends and fluctuations head-on, offering customers not just a rate benchmark but a glimpse into future rates. In plain English: Customers gain a strategic edge, preempting market moves and seizing opportunities to book and lock in the price shown, to avoid unexpected price changes.


The Impact of the Volatility Index

Eager to discover the impact of this cutting-edge tool on your quoting? 

Here are three simple scenarios, where the Index revolutionizes quoting: 

  1. Surging and Unpredictable Rates: The index pinpoints moments of escalating and volatile rates, signaling the optimal time for booking. Not only does this secure the best rates for your clients, but it also boosts transparency, prompting faster booking decisions.
  2. Declining Rates with Fluctuations: When rates plummet amidst volatility, you’re presented with an opportunity to refine your pricing strategy. This insight safeguards your margins while ensuring your quotes remain competitive.
  3. Stable Pricing Environment: Encountering stable rates grants added flexibility in your quoting maneuvers, empowering you to set competitive quotes with dynamic prices confidently.

With this comprehensive data, whether rates soar or plummet, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Assess your risk effectively
  • Leverage both dynamic and static rates to your advantage
  • Secure the best rates proactively
  • Safeguard your margins
  • Ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction

And of course, for the most comprehensive overview of both static and dynamic rates, pair this tool with WebCargo’s rate management and quoting solutions.


What’s Next?

WebCargo is continuing to set new standards in air cargo bookings with the integration of the volatility index. In a record-breaking year boasting over 1 million bookings facilitated by Freightos, the Volatility Index emerges as the latest tool to empower freight forwarders to streamline operations and navigate the future with confidence. By leveraging WebCargo’s data, to proactively anticipate market shifts, forwarders can ensure they’re always equipped with the insights necessary to make informed quoting decisions across all modalities.

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